Saturday, 26 March 2011

Mabinogi Day 2

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay.

Today I did some event quests based on Shakespeare, It's as ridiculous as it sounds.

I had to run to the dungeon and go through it, my character glitching out during the combat freezing in place quite often.

Finally I fought the boss, a fairly big spider. Ridiculously easy.

Quest gave me a teleport item to travel to another set of quests in which I had to defeat another boss. There was an NPC to help and he could finish the quest by himself with hardly any effort.

I'll have one more post for this game before I go to another. So comment if you have a suggestion.


  1. This game looks kinda old school or something. Look neat

  2. I dont think it looks neat tbh^^

  3. Awesome post. great game indeed.

  4. The graphics are definetly not cutting edge

  5. Hell yea, quests based on Shakespeare

  6. that's sad, it looks so nice but apparently is buggy as hell. Same reason New Vegas wasn't rated very highly (