Friday, 22 April 2011

Perfect World: Day 2

Hello everyone.

I did some more quest grinding and hit level 9. At said level I obtained a skill to turn into a tiger (Alt Form) Faster movement speed + alternate skill set. Was fun but got boring fairly quickly.

I've been told that the game gets better at level 30, but I'm probably never going to get there as I have a terrible attention span. I should probably start reviewing games I like.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Perfect World: Day 1

Hello everyone, again I'm sorry for taking so long to post.

Despite my laptop having integrated graphics, this game runs quite well. Very rarely will the game show signs of slower frame rate.

This game gives you lots of quests from the start which inform you as to how the game works, you can also track NPCs and monsters from the quest list to make it easier to find them.

After playing for a while, it seems that there is almost no regular grinding in this game. It gives you quest after quest after quest. Which seems good at first, but the quests get boring and generic fairly quickly. However there are some fun jump quests and quests which make you find certain items in locations which mix it up a bit.

Skills are obtained in this game by paying money and points obtained by killing monsters/completing quests etc. You can get almost all of your low level skills with no problem. I'm assuming it would also be possible to get all your skills since there isn't a limit to gold/points.

Combat is the basic 3-D style of click to select, keypress/skill to attack. Nothing special, although you can fight underwater and I hear that you can also fight in the air (flying for certain races).

One last thing to note: the jumping in this game is ridiculous. You can double jump extremely high, making jump quests and travelling a bit less boring.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Perfect World: Character Customization

Hello everyone, it's time for a new game.

I downloaded perfect world, and at almost 4GB I didn't think I could play it on my laptop. Fortunately there is an "optimal settings" button that quickly configures the game so it runs fast.

As for the character customization, it's the best I've ever seen. There are sliders for just about every type of body proportion from head to feet.

There are currently 5 races, each with 2 classes. The Untamed class unfortunately has a class gender lock and has less customizability than the other classes.

There are some models for you to use if you don't want to customize in order to save time. This is really useful with the Untamed class, since it's the only form of customization for that race.

If you want to meet me in game I'm on the Archosoar server under the name QuantumBios

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mabinogi Day 3

Hello everyone, this is the last post I will be making on Mabinogi unless further requests are made.

Today I finished up some more Shakespeare quests. This one having me travelling to another dungeon., which would have been easy if my character wasn't so slow and the path-finding system didn't use a straight line.

So I completed the dungeon and beat the golem boss. Again the boss was really easy.

Another quest had me defeat some ghost things spawned by the 'grim reaper'
I actually died on this quest, however my NPC partner killed the rest of them and I was still given the quest rewards.

I didn't like this game very much, the only good factor was the free range of things you could do from the start.

The next post will be on Perfect World.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Mabinogi Day 2

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay.

Today I did some event quests based on Shakespeare, It's as ridiculous as it sounds.

I had to run to the dungeon and go through it, my character glitching out during the combat freezing in place quite often.

Finally I fought the boss, a fairly big spider. Ridiculously easy.

Quest gave me a teleport item to travel to another set of quests in which I had to defeat another boss. There was an NPC to help and he could finish the quest by himself with hardly any effort.

I'll have one more post for this game before I go to another. So comment if you have a suggestion.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mabinogi Day 1

Hello everyone, I didn't play Mabinogi very much today. Here is what I have found so far.

After character creation the game gives you a couple of quests to show you around. The combat is quite slow, but that may just be my lag.

It allows you to travel to a location on the mini map, but it only goes in a straight line, getting you stuck frequently.

The dungeon/instance system seems like it could be good. Drop items to get in, usually gives decent rewards (I think)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mabinogi: Character Creation

Hello everyone, I have decided to play Mabinogi since I only have my laptop currently. I will also have to play on low graphical options, which probably won't change my opinion about the game at all.

I quickly ran through the character creation screen today and found it intriguing due to the amount of customization yet disappointing since most of it is from the cash shop.

The first screen is used to select your server. Nothing special

On the second screen you enter your character's name.

The third screen gets a bit interesting. You can choose a race and age. This determines your stats and how they are affected when you level.

The fourth screen allows you to change your appearance, however most of this section is locked for cash shop. The random button includes cash shop items so it doesn't help that much.

Overall the character selection screen isn't that bad, but it has way to many cash shop items.

My character is Quantumbios in Alexina if you wan't to see me in game. Hope to see you all there.